terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010

Pearls bore us, but good art never does!

Let's throw some women into the mix!
I've known Ingress Princess Broglie for a long time (because of the pearly hand, of course!)
Kees van Dongen made me think of my favorite Daniel who has other Van Dongen's at his gallery.
And the Fayum portraits never cease to amaze me!

Constant presence of Constantine!

The hero of my B.A. times was also there!

Less serious, more frivolous: the best guys of NYC!

Boy, didn't i meet many great people (at the MET, where else!!!)

Here are just a few, more to come soon!

Other things not thought about...

I saw a lot of great things here, at the Cooper-Hewitt's exhibit (and the round thing in the photo is actually a new bike rack, which can hold up to 4-5 bikes at the same time).
But since it's a more challenging topic that I could currently handle, we'll do it some other time!

Sign of the times

I would've loved this Skyscraper (1927) bookshelf anyway, but now that I'm officially working with trends activation, seeing something that translated the sign of the times (and the wind of change) so perfectly, made me appreciate it even more!
Last year I was reading a book on fashion by a Brazilian researcher & she drew a parallel between men's hats & the early industrial architecture (think cilinder hats & factory's chimney). It amazed me because it was so obvious, yet I never thought of it before...

Choices, choices (at the times when there were less of them!)

You can almost 'hear' the thoughts the woman is thinking. You don't see her face but you can sense how much she's into it.
The guy is not.
Or am I just simplyfing things?

We've moved!

I'm back blogging today after one month absence. And this time around I've had my hands full with other things besides work: I've moved!!!!
What a gorgeous place & palace... now those friends of mine that call me a 'princess', have a practical reason to do so...

Anyhow, because of this & my recent chair obsession, here is (David Hockney, was it?) another MET find!

Change of perspective

"It's time we MET", as the one-liner for an ad campaign for MET goes. The funniest (strangest) thing is that at this point I'm not sure I've EVER been to the MET before this past Sat.
Strange: I was absolutely sure I've been there the last time I was in NYC... and even though the Greek & Roman galleries have been redone since then (and I guess they are unrecognizable compared to their earlier version), I would've remembered the paintings....
But no. So I figure it was the first time for me.
And it was great (of course!!!)
Two days in a row.
Culminating in this sudden change of perspective: an artwork looking at the museum's visitors.
Isn't it delightful to see things from a different angle?