quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

True or false? (but anyway of little importance)

All men are pigs??? Hmm, I don't know about that (plus i've never been a hypocrite, but rather an exaggerated person who loves to shock, or encourage possible avances, why not?)
4.5 hours of great conversation was exactly what i love. However, when later on he (in response to your "Actually, i really don't care about sex, all i want is a great conversation") says that it's the same for him & he's surprised that he even managed, somehow, to father 2 children, you don't know if you should take it seriously.
At the same time, do you think he believed what you said earlier?
C'est toujours un peu complique!


There're coincidences everywhere: the most important thing is to never give this too much importance. However, at times it's pretty funny how it works.
Take this piece of mine for example: as soon as I made it, it became my favorite. I had a couple of names for it: Lacan's lacune, for one. And then I met Gerald (long story, good story, excellent even) & among other tons of incredible coincidences (coincidences are always incredible, right?) he was the first one to bring this painting (The origin of the World) up.
So of course i had to wear this necklace to our Film Fest closing night party & baptize it Gerald-in in his honor!

Shame on me, but....

Whouuuua, 4,5 months of total absence fromt this blog....
Well, at least I (somewhat) continued to do my little naughty accessories (see flickr), but the main reason for not being here was that i was living the (high) life: summer in Chicago is fabulous with plenty of shows (you see the meagre 0.1% of it on flickr video stream) & i also had my fair share of visits (friends from Spain, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, Italy, etc.)

Time to post at least something before i escape the modern life yet again & depart for Spain!