segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

Our Renaissance love is here to stay!

Dedicated to Alan, l'incredibile pratese, compagno delle zingarate!


I was forced to practically put together all of my apartment & i decided to see if i could (knowing that it was a lost battle!) throw some books away...
something i'd never go back to reading. books in Russian.
but...nothing is quite that easy - since they deal with topics that was & is my love-affair - Ancient Rome, Renaissance Art.....
i was only - and that's already a huge progress - able to get rid of about 50% of what i had

Reality check on Saint Valentine's Day & always!

This is what i found yesterday during my sunny afternoon stroll.
Reminded me of the best 'installation' i saw in London: a tiny house, abbandoned, that had a tiny hand-written sign on its dusty window: "Ever wondered what was inside?"
Poignant & true, for that's exactly what 99% of the people thought. Provided of course they cared to look & stop & think....

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

More on snow, music & Brazil(ian) men

Once again, things falling in place just right: was remaking some necklaces for myself today (some that i gave as gifts to my best friend), stumbled upon this photo - and not only the snow component is right for today, but also the fact that my dear Brazilian blues playing genius friend was supposed to head back to Sao Paulo today, got delayed....but, alas, will leave tomorrow!

oh well - we'll all meet again under the less snowy circumstances!
Boa viagem, Rafa!!!

Good naughty girl-scout: always ready (double entendre is welcome!)

Well, well, isn't that most appropriate? just finished my (hilarious) French book & went to choose the next one to read - and of course, considering the snow, it couldn't be but this one - 'the orgie, the snow'...
right: if you talk to men (especially friends in warmer places, like Brazil) & tell them about a snow day, that's pretty much what they'd think about...
a day in bed.
no, but thank you!

Snow vs. sand

Looking out of the window - and i have lots of them in my apartment, thank ...heavens - it's like swimming in milk. it's all white. the wind has calmed down, but the snow is coming down strong now....
and that reminded me of my 'philosophizing on the beach' - in Ipanema, shortly before the New Year... i took a handful of sand in my hands & as I was 'feeling' it, a funny thought came to me re inquiring (who? when? why? but then, who cares!!!) into how such different tactile pleasures/sensations as that of 'feeling' snow (my childhood) vs. touching sand, walking on sand (carioca experience) shape all of your other tactile perceptions throughout your life....
Just a thought. On a seriously snow day anything goes!

terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011

Death & taxes, or snow &

(the snowstorm of the past century - Chicago back in 1967)

Thinking about the unavoidable today, or rather, about something that everone talks about.
The holy weather (especially in winter, particularily in Chicago).
The funniest part is that i had no idea we had this 'snowstorm of the century' (supposedly, as you an tell i remain skeptical) coming. I haven't been listening to our radio for a while (but France Info yes!), & when i went to do some shopping yesterday afternoon I was surprised to see a ton of people there & that's when a cashier told me about the coming storm....
oh well...
i mean, i live in a high-rise & can comfortably work from home.
and the only thing i've heard so far is a pretty strong wind...
so i was thinking: weather is what everyone discusses. the same goes (because it's something we all do).
no desire to develop this thought any further, for we've got to work (food, namely, huh?)