quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

Snow vs. sand

Looking out of the window - and i have lots of them in my apartment, thank ...heavens - it's like swimming in milk. it's all white. the wind has calmed down, but the snow is coming down strong now....
and that reminded me of my 'philosophizing on the beach' - in Ipanema, shortly before the New Year... i took a handful of sand in my hands & as I was 'feeling' it, a funny thought came to me re inquiring (who? when? why? but then, who cares!!!) into how such different tactile pleasures/sensations as that of 'feeling' snow (my childhood) vs. touching sand, walking on sand (carioca experience) shape all of your other tactile perceptions throughout your life....
Just a thought. On a seriously snow day anything goes!

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