sábado, 28 de maio de 2011

We're not done with nostalgia: watch chain & lace

Found these guys by chance (smart placement of flyers in a hip vintage store) & will be going there...religiously!


I wasn't thinking...but it made me think

I didn't plan to be dressed in vintage, but I was (but of course: trend or no trend, i've always loved it!)

Even my hand purse of London vintage fame was the same that Marion Cotillard was carrying with her all over the place.

I kept thinking though that although i love nostalgia, old-fashioned things & all that 1920's jazz... i never wanted to live entirely in a different time (place yes, you know all too well about THAT!)

So i'm trying to figure out why's that. the only reason i have is that it's more fun to mix & match, selectively choose... you can tell i'm not a radical. Flexibility & creativity is our way. Plus, let's be honest: it's much more fun to be noticed as a rara avis when you're not entirely XXI century US style in the way you act & dress!

E pluribus unim (yeah, July 4th is fast approaching, too!)

Nostalgia shop on a Memorial Day

Yesterday i was saying that i didn't expect anything much from Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, but i have to admit that i actually liked it.

Not on its own merits, as much as due to the fact that it touched on so many topics i like to think about (or touch upon, for i barely have the luxury - oh, what a poor excuse! - to think things through & deeply these days...)

Anyway, so i'm sitting here now having a drink & what strikes me that yet one more time i'm very much in tune: look at my drink, the bottle's very own very Paris 1920's label, my Pernod glass.....


sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Deauville: then & now

Call it professional bias, but when i first learned that the G8 was going to be held in Deauville, Eugene Boudin came to mind.

And the Parisian ONG demonstrating against all this was fun!

Losing the habit

No, this post isn't about playing footsie (or DSK).
Actually, the reason I'm doing it is more because i've let over 3 months (sic! sick!) gone by without a single post, so it's about time (truth to be told, this absence correlates pretty neatly to my not having created almost no new pieces - just some fabulous Goya meets Banksy ones & recently something else, a bit less fun!)

Absences & time flying: have met with my dear friend, advertsing professor today. it's been exactly a year since i've seen him last.

And while we were having lunch, I got my first sunburn of the season - hoooray (more coming in Texas? Packing list reminder: sun protection).

It also felt very strange being in that hip place: everybody was very, very young, while my favorite events' average age is 60 & up.

Still, it's all about the priorities: good food is good, sun is fine, but... midnight walks alone or going to the movies beats it all.

By the way: Midnight in Paris is on my calendar for tomorrow. Not expecting much, but will go.