sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Losing the habit

No, this post isn't about playing footsie (or DSK).
Actually, the reason I'm doing it is more because i've let over 3 months (sic! sick!) gone by without a single post, so it's about time (truth to be told, this absence correlates pretty neatly to my not having created almost no new pieces - just some fabulous Goya meets Banksy ones & recently something else, a bit less fun!)

Absences & time flying: have met with my dear friend, advertsing professor today. it's been exactly a year since i've seen him last.

And while we were having lunch, I got my first sunburn of the season - hoooray (more coming in Texas? Packing list reminder: sun protection).

It also felt very strange being in that hip place: everybody was very, very young, while my favorite events' average age is 60 & up.

Still, it's all about the priorities: good food is good, sun is fine, but... midnight walks alone or going to the movies beats it all.

By the way: Midnight in Paris is on my calendar for tomorrow. Not expecting much, but will go.

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