domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

Not wild about "Wild grass"

(Note the naughty signs interplay above: Love the Restrooms???
Exeptionally went to a matinee today (I normally prefer to go to the movies once the day's work is done, this way I feel like I deserve a break, whereas in the morning I might think about all that I'm yet to do during the day...).
Anyhow, I gave Alain Resnais one more chance & boy, didn't he just blow it! It's one of these cases where afterwards you really want to read the reviews to see what the critics had to say (not that you believe the critics, God, no!), but just so that it makes even a little, tiny bit of sense.
Still, it was a pleasant afternoon. But Alain Resnais has nothing to do with it!

Lost & found: for Michele

It happened yet one more time: meeting someone I really liked, intense (and fun...hmm, yes, a very 'American' way of putting it, I agree, but still) conversations, and then it was over.
Or maybe not. These fleeting (but important) random connections leave a big mark on me. A girl who wants to pretend like she doesn't care, but she does, and maybe even much more than she should.
At any rate, here's my take on these beautiful encounters: multifaceted people, my new & old good friends who, alas, are never in the same city (or continent) with me. Our paths cross & then each one is gone again.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or out of sight, out of mind?

(Not so) subliminal messages: happy birthday to my dear Anna!

I always looked around me (in all directions, possibly at once), but now I that I have a smartphone (for better or for worse), the results of this looking around are being documented & published.
The following couple of posts are dedicated to my dearest Anna, my soulmate.
Happy birthday, Principessa!

segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Pleasures of commuting

On a positive note: I do read a lot now that I commute a lot. Just this past week I finished a 250 book in French in just 4 days by only reading on the train(s).
And yesterday I checked out this book - my, what an amazing read.
As usual, nothing new under the sun & the revolutionary talks with regard to changing the way Americans eat (now) are pretty much the same as over a century ago.

Hurray for the hula, or Hula Hoop in the Loop

While my own hula-hoop is languishing in storage (my waistline needs work, fast!!!), someone else is making sure his hula is not gonna be stolen in the Chicago Loop. I actually do see a connection between it being 'parked' by the Library: when I hula-hoop, I do get a lot of reading done!

Keeping an eye...on the homeless

More monstruosity for everyone! In addition to gargoyles on the roof of the Harold Washington Library, we now have the "Eye & the cardinal" (as this 'artwork' is officially called).
As soon as I saw it, my name for it came to mind: "Keeping an eye on the homeless", for this particular 'square' has always been their HQ (and now as a result of the eye invasion they have even less space to occupy).
There's definitely a lot going on all around us. You just have to keep looking!
P.S. Unfortunately, what you see is not always a pretty sight!

My people of the week

Moving back to Chicago after my time in Brazil, I felt like the 'salt' was definitely missing. And that's when I invented the game of choosing my 'people of the week', colorful, unique characters who made my day with their amazing 'wackiness'.
Now that I have a smartphone (but I'm giving it back, or so I hope) I can rush after colorful strangers (like the American lady in a Brazilian shirt with a fabulous detail: a monkey as a purse!) & take their pictures.
The gentleman above slept throughout the whole Narcotango performance, his crutches falling (and nearly hitting) a person sitting next to him.
Music lulls you to sleep like nothing else, it seems...

I'm easily sold

Funny: for the first time now while looking at the "Sold" tags they put on furniture at my beloved Brown Elephant Store, I realized how much they look like bandages/band aid. Except for I will never be cured of my shopaholic problem. But hey, these pieces are great & the prices are unbeatable.
And the little stool on the top is rotating.
And no, my head doesn't spin from all the ideas I get when leafing through the Spanish edition of AD. I love it!!!

Focused & distracted

This blog is past its 1st year anniversary...and it's been almost a month since I posted anything.
Have been happily busy. And yesterday, 4th of July, spent the whole day at home working. Found out for sure something I always knew: windows with great views are highly dangerous. Your gaze drifts away from the papers. All the way to the skies, the lake, the boats, the runners, the golf & tennis-playing neighbors...
At any rate, I did get what I set out to accomplish done. But more will come soon!