domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

Not wild about "Wild grass"

(Note the naughty signs interplay above: Love the Restrooms???
Exeptionally went to a matinee today (I normally prefer to go to the movies once the day's work is done, this way I feel like I deserve a break, whereas in the morning I might think about all that I'm yet to do during the day...).
Anyhow, I gave Alain Resnais one more chance & boy, didn't he just blow it! It's one of these cases where afterwards you really want to read the reviews to see what the critics had to say (not that you believe the critics, God, no!), but just so that it makes even a little, tiny bit of sense.
Still, it was a pleasant afternoon. But Alain Resnais has nothing to do with it!

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