terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010

Change of perspective

"It's time we MET", as the one-liner for an ad campaign for MET goes. The funniest (strangest) thing is that at this point I'm not sure I've EVER been to the MET before this past Sat.
Strange: I was absolutely sure I've been there the last time I was in NYC... and even though the Greek & Roman galleries have been redone since then (and I guess they are unrecognizable compared to their earlier version), I would've remembered the paintings....
But no. So I figure it was the first time for me.
And it was great (of course!!!)
Two days in a row.
Culminating in this sudden change of perspective: an artwork looking at the museum's visitors.
Isn't it delightful to see things from a different angle?

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