terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011

Death & taxes, or snow &...food?

(the snowstorm of the past century - Chicago back in 1967)

Thinking about the unavoidable today, or rather, about something that everone talks about.
The holy weather (especially in winter, particularily in Chicago).
The funniest part is that i had no idea we had this 'snowstorm of the century' (supposedly, as you an tell i remain skeptical) coming. I haven't been listening to our radio for a while (but France Info yes!), & when i went to do some shopping yesterday afternoon I was surprised to see a ton of people there & that's when a cashier told me about the coming storm....
oh well...
i mean, i live in a high-rise & can comfortably work from home.
and the only thing i've heard so far is a pretty strong wind...
so i was thinking: weather is what everyone discusses. the same goes for...food (because it's something we all do).
no desire to develop this thought any further, for we've got to work (food, namely, huh?)

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