sábado, 21 de julho de 2012

A hand (and a closet) of my own are not enough: this is not about feminism, although it sounds like it is....

True love wins at the end: today was supposed to be my 2 music festivals day, but the vintage sale before that (and the extreme heat) made me change my mind.
Besides, music festivals are for free & buying vintage is not & i'm a shopaholic, right?
Please bear in mind that when you see those consumer confidence index data & it's doing better, it means that Irene went on a mission to single-handedly improve the state of the American economy....

Moving to back zipper & the female condition:
Back when I was growing up, I remember my mother saying that the only time we need men around is when there's a bottle of champaign waiting to be open. Funnily enough, my mother is as much of a feminist as I'm a space engineer (and neither did we drink champaign that often - however, there's no one like my mom to open any kind of bottle...)
I remembered this today when I locked myself in the bathroom of an Antique Mall with 14 pieces of clothes to try. 2 pieces were leather coats; of the remaining 12 pieces (dresses & suits) EVERY SINGLE ONE had a back zipper.
Before i got so much into vintage, there was my jewelry obsession (that never went away, obviously - i never get rid of things - i happily pile them on!) & i remember thinking pretty much the same thing - that you need an extra hand - when i was trying on bracelets. Often it was impossible to put it on without someone else helping you...I started thinking that as a single girl it was mission impossible. And then later on I even saw a special tool that helps you solve this problem (anything you want in America!!!) - surprisingly, i never got this tool....
So, back to dresses. I did manage to kinda zip most of them, but having a 'maid or a man' (mom's quote) - or a mother, for that matter - would facilitate matters a lot. I also started thinking that doing yoga might help me to be more efficient zipping myself.
I was only joking about back zipper as a tool of male domination....only to discover that this kind of discourse existed for real...
My mind is hardly ever angry or political, but always curious...So I would really like to read some volumes on the history of fashion & understand why these zippers couldn't be side zippers?!?

P.S. And these poor guys? They are careless & free. No back zippers, no pain, no interest on my side.
I like challenges & will stick with 2 piece suits even in bikini weather!

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