sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

Play it safe when you are scared?

Same (& safe) old or nothing at all? What is better: to wear a string of pearls or, when in doubt, just leave your neck (and fingers, and ears) nacked/unadorned?
After attending many design events in London this past week I productively spent 1 hour on a train working on classifying people according to their 'relationship' with jewelry (yuk - 'jewelry-wearing patterns/habits' - yuk!).
Funny how I never thought about it: even though many women are quite unsure about what to wear and how to wear it (accessories, I mean), still there is practically no single woman who would give up jewelry completely.
An interesting exercise, this one: label people & then give them even more choices to get lost in, or on the other hand get a better idea about whom you are after.
Tags & explanations will follow shortly.

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