sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

'How delightful is the day of hunting the hippopotamus'

Images monopolize my attention these days, for I am in the production phase (finally!) & some (few) words do, too, like the phrase above. Egyptian art (where this phrase comes from) is not something I work with a lot (at least not yet), but luckily I do revisit some old favorites of mine.

And also have some good laughs alone in my studio/lab thinking if Paolo Uccello would say to his wife waiting for him to go to bed: "Ah, what a wonderful thing is perspective!" and share the same enthusiasm for the Photoshop.

So yes, I finally overcame my resistance to working magic on the computer when I saw what you could do. But i am still trying to balance out the magic infusing it with old-fashioned elements, like 3D paint, lace, etc.

Mastering (more or less) Photoshop was painless. Physically making my pieces is exciting, but nevertheless anxiety-producing, stress-laden experience. There are so many options: add some papier-mache here, bend it a little to the left or put it on top of the image and the meaning of the whole piece changes completely. And it is true that some of the best pieces just happen to fall together effortlessly, by magic.

I feel the urge to make big hanging brooches, lots of volume, various materials. Made 1 like this today, it did fall in place very fast but i ran the 'safety check' of the other possible options (and discarded them shortly afterwards).

The day's hunt is done.

Here are some images - Paolo Uccello's hunt (but not on hippopotamus), Roberto Longhi and Alexander the Great (my 3D bronze paints will go there). Can't wait to use Uccello with flaming red jabo. What a wonderful thing, what wonderful things, rather: hunts, perspective and Photshop!

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