sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

Size matters. Length matters. Everything matters. More hanging things in the works: case in point

I had a wonderful conversation yesterday over breakfast in London with a friend of mine who is an architect. A creative professional & above all a person who has a rare gift in our day & age: she knows how to listen and asks you very intelligent questions. When I confessed how tough (maddening & agonizing but in a good way) the design process is, she said that she understands me (and I know she does, indeed!) & said that it will become easier with time.

Hmm, let's wait & see. As for now, unless things magically fall in place, which happens, too, I have to try out many different things before settling on what looks the best & feels just right. The tough part is that you move one little thing 10 mm to the left and it seems like the whole thing have changed completely. So you go back and try it again and then you change it again - not big changes, mind you, just little itty bitty ones, but they seem big to you, so you keep on trying.

The best thing that could happen is when something looks totally wrong. That you (I) feel and see right away. Throwing away what's bad is easy, deciding between good and a bit better is tough. Even for me, who is an extremely opinionated person and an only child (what's the connection, you'd ask? well, as an only child I delight in asking myself questions & looking for answers, analyzing everything I see or rationalizing impressions I get based solely on my instincts and impressions).

Right now I am in the midst of working on a brooch (with lots of hanging things) for someone who is probably the first person (besides myself) to have very clear ideas. And that feels great!

Here are some test photos (there were others before these) that illustrate a bit better a big difference a small change makes.

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