sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

In the works: shadows, reflections, windows & many naughty things (more on that later)...

The truth is: everything's in the works at the same time. It depends on how of feel at any certain moment, what inspires me the most. At times I try to stick to a plan, but I am not good at it and luckily I can allow myself not to push it too hard, for if I am less inspired it shows, so I prefer to improvise & create much better pieces. Less rigidity, more frivolity, stronger appeal.

Pleasure principle 100%.

I touched upon my 'shadow obssession' today, so let's continue with that - when I lived in Rome I loved dancing with my shadow that would be visible on the wall of the palazzo in front of mine.
Here are some modern images from my last morning in Chicago before moving to Brazil & my fieldwork on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. And some antique/vintage/recycled images, which fall into my 'Recycling backwards: back to the future' design principle.

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