domingo, 15 de novembro de 2009

This little thing called love (aka 'attention to detail')

Happiness and the creative process. Feeling proud of yourself. Picture in a picture. A copy worse than the original?

I think so. At least this happy and proud artist looks decidedly more attractive than his own portrait. Maybe it's because in real life he & the whole atmosphere around him appear less stiff (notice the laundry hanging to dry).

If I were blogging about travel, now would be the time for me to use the magic word 'authenticity', but I'll just say that simplicity is fine by me, and so is refined elegance. It just has to feel right and in the second example, too, the ambience agrees with the man. His dignified posture is beautiful, I can almost feel the texture of the wallpaper and I can't help but wonder what the painting behind him is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People always ask me what kind of photos I collect and I confuse them all for there's no clear-cut answer. It comes down to a little, almost invisible detail. Some photos don't have the 'it' factor for me. But if a photo has it, I spot it, and do it very fast. And I can even explain what is it that makes this photo so special. But every case is different, every little detail is unique and laundry hanging out to dry next to a stone wall is no less interesting than the silky wallpaper.

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