terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

On the importance of not being modest

Here are my next-door neighbors, practically. I finally got to visit not only the garden, but also the castle itself. Found it grand & pompous. Nothing new here. But at times you really find much more impressive something you weren't expecting in the least. There is a new Surprise Garden by Burghley House, which has all kinds of most delightfully crazy fountains & sculptures, right up my alley.

Walking there made me feel that my crazy ideas (on the other hand sometimes I wonder if they are crazy enough...) have a right to exist & to be put in practice.

How about a fountain so proud of itself that it self-evaluates it & gives itself an exclamation mark? Or the 4 Elements fountains that spit fire, water, green plants that symbolize earth? And my personal favorite: the 'stress-releaser' sculpture - a punching bag hanging from a tree.

Fabulous. This whole walk was a breath of fresh air. Plus, it was sunny & warm, too, for November in the UK.

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