sábado, 14 de novembro de 2009

Say "no" to abstinence...and even a bigger 'no' to a serious job

"What a difference a day makes, tra-la-la", as the song goes. Yesss indeed. 2 days ago I made a piece called 'FFEF' - Feet Fetish Equality Front - fetishes for him and for her' and yesterday I started working on my 'chastity belt' project.

So I literally went from feet fetish to chastity belt in 1 little step, while continuing to work on other projects of varying degree of craziness. The only normal and logical thing here is that, of course, I am not interested in finding a regular job. Not even looking for one. Enough of that.

I could even say 'yes' to abstinence but a regular job would be a no no no.

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  1. I work (very happily) in a sex shop now and I have to say that even though abstinence is tolerable, normal jobs are unbearable! Stick to the abnormal and I find the sex follows through. ;)