quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2009

Whom should I go out with (provided I venture out at all)?

As I mentioned some time before, doing what I do now allows me to happily revisit my old favorites. Like Antonella da Messina's men whom I've always fancied (one of them - known as the "Unknown/anonymous Sailor" - was someone I spent 1 hour on my birthday years ago in Sicily where it 'lives' in Museo Mandralisca di Cefalu').
So this is how this brooch was born: I asked myself whom I'd go out on a date with. Tough choice, considering that I do find all of them attractive. Tougher even, considering that I hardly leave home at all these days.

P.S. practical difficulties like that these people are long gone are none of my business: after all, I am recycling the past & the reality is something you can bend & tie & embellish & wear the way you want....

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