quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

Don't be blue (unless it's a fashionable color in Paris)

Am I a contrarian? Quite often yes, but I am also honest, so I wouldn't be simply doing the opposite of what everybody does simply because I think it's expected of me to be different.
Do I try to avoid predictable things & behavior? Yes, but if doing something predictable makes more sense than being uselessly provocative, oh well, let's go with the current.

All this digression just to say that I am quite excited about going to Paris as soon as I have my collections (yes, plural - we like quality and quantity here) ready. Getting them ready will be more a question of saying: "STOP!!!" then of getting sufficient inspiration to make enough pieces for a collection. Inspiration abounds, establishing limits is what's needed.

At any rate, so, all this talk about being a contrarian and avoiding predictable behavior was precisely because it's such a commonplace thing to say: "Oh boy, I can't wait to go to Paris!" I can wait and it doesn't feel like I am sitting around & waiting, for I keep extremely busy. The excitement stems from the fact that I feel going to Paris is the right move. Something's telling me that the Frenchwomen will understand my ose' & quirky pieces better than anybody else.

Now, I have just finished doing pieces for my mother's birthday coming up next month. Was feeling tired, started out with 1 pieces and finished with 7... All very pretty (my mother is the best guinea pig I could have, her prettiness barometer keeps me in check, for otherwise I'd go way too far...), all very blue, which makes sense from both the emotional (see yesterday's posts) & fashion viewpoint.
Can't wait to give them to her. And I also understand the constant reworking urge, for no matter how satisfied you are with the result you've just achieved, you know you could do so much better if you just keep trying, but then you get a fresh idea & go after it and the number of collections to take to Paris grows & there's never enough time even when you work 18 hours a day...

P.S. As you can see from one of the images, not all pearls bore me - if they are Ancient Roman oh well, i'd go for that!

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