sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2009

Inappropriate behavio(u)r?

In order not to be nostalgic about a country left behind, Brazil, (but not for long, I feel) I am looking forward. To France. Which means going back in a way - back to speaking French. So I listen to France Info while I work & today I found out that France is celebrating the day of "Niceness" (how do you spell that??? 'nice' meaning 'polite', not the city of Nice, pronounced as 'Neece' vs. Nice which I have a suspicion must exist somewhere in the USA, oh sweet home...).

And... I lost the train of thought...oh no, here it is - so, while France celebrates people's politeness (???)("Why everybody loves France but hates the French" - that was one great book title, BTW), I celebrate, for the second day in a row, books & reading. And art, of course. Or rather: celebrate books by means of art.
Designed some pieces I am absolutely proud of. 100%.

Yesterday's big news from France was Sarkozy's attack on burkas (no big news here). It had no place in France, he said.

Well, enough of that. At least for us, the book lovers, there are no such thing as an inappropriate place to read a bit.

Let's celebrate that (nicely!)

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