sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

Happy turkey!

I am all for making jewelry that is meant to celebrate or at least take into account some important dates & events. Once upon a time it used to be like this - while doing research on the history of jewelry, I've discovered that for many centuries jewelry did indeed react to important political events, scientific discoveries (like the discovery of the Haley's Comet, which made a little comet a popular motif for the dresses' ornaments), etc.

So for yesterday's Thanksgiving I had a turkey ring made.

It's also one of this cases when the artist's hand is hardly recognizable.

The happy turkey in question was presented to you by... Goya!

And I did give it as a present to a friend yesterday in London - VSI FELIX, as the Romans used to say, 'Use this happily", Patrizia!

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