sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

I sleep too well & it worries me!!!

Yes, you did just read it and it's exactly what I intended to say: I don't like the fact that I sleep very well. Get 8 hrs of sleep every night, when I am at my best when I only get 4-5 hours.
Basically sleeping less means that I am very excited about something, have tons of ideas that wake me up (that's why I also sleep with a writing pad next to my pillow and at times scribble something down without turning the lights on), and am hiper 24/7.
Funnily enough when people ask me if I do like to drink I say: "No, ...because I don't like to sleep" - at first the connection is hard to grasp but I think it's crystal clear (or is it because I am never drunk?): I like the colorful thought that visit me (when sober!) & once they come I want to spend as much time with them as possible. If I drink, I relax & feel sleepy, so I am much less productive.
Anyways, all this to say that these days I sleep well, yes, but I also spend all of my time awake working on my collections only, so I think it all balances out in the long run.
One thing is sure: the moment I wake up the first thought is always some improvement on the pieces that are in the works...
Mind is a beautiful thing, for it's restless even when at rest!

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