sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

Trippin' & letting your imagination run wild

These are 2 'old' examples of a collection I was asked to create for a fashion brand that had to be based on the 'flower power' days & I decided to revisit it now for it exemplifies what I just finished describing: not drinking or 'trippin' in other ways precisely because I want to see, as I say (quoting myself...hmm), 'what kind of crazy ideas I'll have with no external help'.
Now, trippin' is one kind of external help, but there's something that I miss a lot: letting your imagination run wild in a very good company.
In Brazil the word/verb you use for this is 'viajar', which also means to 'travel'. I am an independent traveller in all senses, but at times you are with just the right people, one person says something and the sparks start flying, one thing leading to another and another and another... And you've started the fire when all you wanted was to cool down, chill out, relax...
And there's no stopping it.
Or is there?
Unfortunately, yes. I miss my travel companion, Kae, a wonderful designer from Sao Paulo & one of the most beautiful people I've ever met more than I could say.
But I know that one day we will 'travel' together again & that's way before there's marijuana growing on palm trees!

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