quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2009

Water is suited for vegetarians: on ups, downs & obvious truths

We've all been there, got rid of them but they will return again: the feeling down moments. Sometimes you know they're coming, other times they catche you by surprise.
Was doing just fine today, engrossed as I am these days in my work and then... boooooooooom. And it wasn't even my fault. It's nobody's fault, nothing could be done about it for now and so we'll have to deal with it.
Face the music and dance. My way of doing it is by sublimation, but since I felt a bit demotivated to carry on working I resorted to my game of finding some images that best describe my current state of mind.
So here we go: one is an image from Sinai that depicts ups & downs of another kind. Another one shows a guy that makes me think of where my home is (yeah, right, I am not gonna go into this now) and of how you have to struggle, fight with real and imaginary (at times) problems.

As to the 'water being suited for vegetarians' announced in the blog's title - it's something else I found today reading a UK water label. Quite useful, since I am indeed not eating meat any longer but drink lots of water. Trying to keep my wits about me & my spritis high.

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