quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

Love for sale (on Amazon for 0.01 US cent!)

I met Adam Gopnik in Chicago a couple of years ago & he was one of these rare people who not only are very smart (in writing), but also are excellent public speakers.
So that's why I later decided to buy this book. Its topic didn't particularily seduce me at the time.
What I fell in love with, though, was the fact that this book came with a love message, from Allegra to Russ. Allegra, in love with both Paris, and Russ.
And Russ who sometime later sold this very book on Amazon.com for 1 cent.
The sad end of some love stories.
Allegra less allegra. Allegro non molto.
Paris to the moon awaits me.
And the love story.
How it will unfold, go & end - who knows. But you have to go for it. Courageously!
Survive St. Valentine, everybody & be wild at Carnival!
We live only once!

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