sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Windows on the World

Record time of absence from the bloggosphere, but life goes on.
Actually, more things 'really' happen, less time we find to be able to document them, or, maybe, write about the 'nothingness', the little things of no big importance.
So many things happened during last time I was here...And just because you are never sure how it's gonna end, let's presume that whatever happened, all these changes, are for the better. Smile and carry on. And mine is not a fake smile!
From country to country, to another continent:
London-Paris-Italy (pretty much all over the place, except my beloved South, alas!)-and back to ... Chicago, my kind of town after a 2 year absence.

New windows on the world?
Well, not that this particular trip(s) widened my horizons that much, but the views from my bedroom window(s) are partly new.
And yet easily recognized by everyone.
The civic pride of Florence and the Chicago Cubs!

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