sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Sitting pretty (but working hard!)

Above - Henri Lebasque - someone I was not at all familiar with - more research to be done!

Below - my actual study. Finally a bay window with a gorgeous view over the Lake Michigan, sailing boats and the beautiful red sun rising from the water (if only I wake up at 5.30am!)
So that's where my flowery creations are being born. Getting so much engrossed in my work at least made me forget the sense of uneasiness about living in such a gorgeous home. I really felt very much out of my cultural (and economical) milieu coming back to Chicago. After certain places I stayed at in Rio de Janeiro this is a cultural shock for me. Somehow I feel it was easier for me to 'camouflage' myself as a 'carioca' there rather than fit right in here as a good WASP girl.

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