sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

See what I mean? Compare and contrast!

'Compare and contrast' is an old used & abused technique in teaching foreign languages, but I find it good (or bad, it depends) for pretty much everything else, too!

So to follow up on what I was just saying about 'sitting pretty' but maybe feeling less 'white/WASP-ish' (or let's be honest: maybe not feeling white at all... I have become the color of Brazil, mixed!) let me show you some pictures.

My Sao Paulo apartment was very nice, so no exotic photos there.
But Rio... oh my, sweet Rio.
No washer or drier, so the pelouche (teddy bears and such) of a younger girl are in a bucket on the rooftop, together with jeans & towels.
View from my window? A nice hotel/restaurant but pay attention to the prostitutes on the left side.
My dear friends from my dear Lapa.
Rio de Janeiro. I will come back!

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