sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

On lust and cravings....Symbols are everywhere!

It's really easy to be a truly happy workaholic: you just have to be in love with what you do.
I am, and when I am not obliged to do something else & I can create my bijoux, I don't want to stop.
Still, my creative nature just doesn't want to be disciplined at all - right now I have 8 pieces commissioned that I need to work on, instead I got under the spell of...flowers, yes, strangely enough, I feel like spring should be coming sooner, I want intense smells, lots of sun, colors... And since it's not happening tomorrow, I am going to give nature a hand (Mother Nature, that is).
So I am totally mesmerized by the flowers, gardens, trees, bouquets, grass...Doing lots of research and then free-choosing and creating.
It feels beautiful.
Happy researcher meets an unskilled but enthusiastic artisan!

P.S. the photo with a new-born rabbit (born on St. Valentine's!) is because rabbit is a symbol of... think of Playboy, ok?

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