terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

2 worthy women together, finally

I wish my best friend didn't ask me to come & spend Thanksgiving with her. what?!? Yes, that's exactly right. it's a family holiday here & i'd rather she still have her family than be free to spend time with me...
That said, it's going to be beautiful. One of the best women & my best friend.
That's why this necklace was a natural match for her: it's part of the fresco from a palace in Saluzzo (near Milan). The whole fresco represents 9 worthy women & since i only show 4 (why not just 2, like me & my friend? well, 4 gives this piece a better volume, i guess), its name is "5 worthy women gone missing". (naming what you don't show - why not?)

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