terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Naming process

I have new work to show. A lot of it, actually & i've had it for some time & have been adding to it. what i didn't have, was the time to take pictures, do uploads & sit down to blog a bit (it feels good now to be blogging about 'work num.2, rather than random wanderings & meanderings - nothing wrong with it, oh no, but still, the main purpose of this blog was/is something else).
ok, so last night i sat down to put most of my recent work (which is presents to my best friend & the best art curator...) into envelopes & write down each piece's 'name'.
the thing is, not every piece comes with a name (but everyone who gets one wants it to have a name - i quickly found out that it's a great 'selling' point). Like everything else in life, I love it when the name comes spontaneously, and fast. and for most part that's how it goes.

But in some cases - and i had about 3-5 like this last night - i didn't have the names.

The piece below that combines 2 of Vuillard's paintings with 2 photos of his mother & his model (i don't remember now if she was (also) his lover or not...anyway, what matters is the wallpaper & the cut of her dress!) had no name. it is part of the series i call "Known/unknown", but no title came to mind.

Then i went to bed & as I was reading "Wanderlust", a chapter dedicated to the rise of the flaneur in Paris, i stumbled upon the phrase that summed up neatly what my necklace was about: "Poetic possibilities of everyday life".

So here we go!

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