terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Tired of beauty

Some pieces of course inspire more than others. a lot more. some names even come before the pieces, because they stem from something that - on a theoretical level - you've felt strongly about for years.
Seeing the history of art overrun by all these prettiness & angels & flowers & light, 'unproblematic' colors (aka "French impressionism") - all right, now I remembered that i've talked a lot about it/against it here, so enough of it, too... so, because of all that, i came up with a name for a series of pieces that was "So pretty it hurts". My original idea was to come up with pins or something that could physically hurt you a bit.
But then i found this great Durer nasty angel & all pieces came into place. Here's one of my variations on the theme. and it's name is "Beauty won't save the world, but sense of humor might".
And like any other highly inspiring piece, it has another name: "(Enough). Basta(rds)!"
P.S. and just as i finished writing it, here's yet one tweak: "If you're tired of beauty, ...you're right!"

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