terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Swingers of the World, unite!

The piece on top - "Swingers of the World, unite!" - is partly a result of an exhibit i saw on my second day in Paris (and out of very many exhibits i've seen in my 3 weeks there, this one still stands out as the best one - check out Izis, the photographer). With my love of all things 'swing-y', i knew this was going to become a necklace. but then i found this Goya's happy man, & it became a pin...
This installation/3D necklace is part of my Sao Paulo collection: vintage photo & a toy. A tribute to Andy Warhol "Red car crash". (amazing how well it goes with a boring striped short, isn't it?)
that's the whole point: anything can be made to look great!

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