segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

And the winner is: Instinct!

From the very beginning I had a feeling that these 3 items would look great together. I knew this would be it, but I decided to document my 'search' & rationalize throughout the whole process that normally takes me 5 min. max to complete but this time it took much longer. It's also impressive how if you have the fashion sense you know immediately what goes with what & why, you make up your mind fast & easy but when you dissect your formula into its components & micro-components it's amazing (and scary) to see how much thought goes into all of it.
Thought & planning. And to think that I am not a fashion crazy. I just believe 100% that we can & should show what we are by what we wear, not only what we eat...

So, here are the winners: another kind of a silky shirt and a triangle-shaped, very difficult to get into (I always get it wrong the first 2 attempts) sweater or vest.

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