quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009

Free falling: dreading it, loving it

I've already mentioned how exciting and scary every first attempt at designing a piece is. All because there are so many ways of going about it that even if you try to test just a few things, it still takes a lot of... time? Well, time is not that important, it is the idea of endless possibilities and knowing that you can always do it better & better, that makes you feel like you are about to fall.
So you have to be used to jumping. Fast, without thinking, pondering too much. That's what I am less good at. Hopefully with time (so, after all, time is important!)
Creativity and perfectionism. How does that pairing work?

Besides showing the ladder & some angels free-falling, the photo above is a good case in point: not content with perfectly fine materials (when/if taken one by one, the silk cord & 2 lace variations give a very sophisticated finish), I tried to combine the 3 of them together and... so off I went to test this 3 in 1 cord on various images I was using.
No wonder sleepless nights abound around here. But that's precisely what I like - yes for falling, no for sleeping!

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