quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2009

When life gives you pearls, go all the way!

And so I went!
What started as a joke ended up being an eccentric, but still quite wearable necklace.
And thanks to my 'elephant-like' memory I can tell where every single pearl comes from.

So just by looking at this piece you can see why my wardrobe's color scheme had to change completely: patterns are unwelcome, only sober, pure colors are allowed in, making my creations shine.

When I talk about people with relation to jewelry they wear, I like to say that for the majority jewelry comes as an afterthought, meaning that they get dressed first and then 'throw' something on top. For the jewelry lovers like me, it's the other way around: you build what you wear around the accessories you have in mind for the day. Build it carefully, so that your central (master)piece could shine brighter.

Here's some vintage pearly bling-bling. Exaggerating in good taste, I hope.

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