segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

Step 2: Weather conditions

Weather forecast for the time of my London date tomorrow: cold. Getting down to -!1C (ha! i like that exclamation mark before the temperature, let's keep it!) in the evening. And since I spent the last 1,5 year in Brazil & am no longer used to negative temperatures (were I ever???), I'd rather avoid freezing.
Tomorrow I will be warm with good feelings and extra-warm by leaving the skirts behind.
So - I am definitely wearing pants.
Here's a first sample of tops. The white top is out right away because my meeting is in the evening & white is wrong for that time of the day. Then we have a sample pairing of a top of matching color with pants & a necklace.
That's not it - the lace on the top is distracting the attention from the necklace.
So let's move on to something better, more 'clean'.

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