segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

Step 4: could it be off-white vintage, yellowish with time?

I am 31 years old but I already smell of moth - at least according to my mother who just can't stand the smell of some of my prized vintage possessions brought from Buenos Aires.
I love the looks of it, though, so I am prepared to combat the smell with perfume.
Now, there's something that I discovered yesterday - it might be that one of my shirts actually needs to be worn the other way around. Label on the back/front made me think of it. But then of course you need a partner or a maid to button you up on the back. Tough one. Like trying to put on a bracelet if you are single (if you are single & you ever bought bracelets, you'll know what I mean!)

Ok, so here's one vintage shirt. It has it all, and that's precisely the problem: with its delicate lacework it's very feminine, pretty... but it's too much, it overshadows my necklace. Not this time, thank you, I'd 'save' it for something less 'bulky' that would actually let the shirt shine, too.

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