sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

Here comes the hint (and it sits down on a chair on the street)

See what I mean? Isn't it delightfully easy to say who did what?
Yes, that's Hector Guimard's chair (and I believe it was sold for a delightful sum of 9,000 US $).
Now, the chair I bought today (for of course I bought one, for an even more exciting 12$, photos to come soon) is quite classy & since it wasn't that heavy & I live nearby, I figured I'd drag it to my place instead of taking a cab.
Which I did. And when I stopped to wait for the light to turn green, my chair next to me, I realized (fast, as I always do) that I might as well sit down while I wait. Which I did. It felt good. Almost like a million dollar prank (and that amount of money could buy me a lot of Guimard chairs, I am not sure he even made that many, but I love his other furniture pieces.)
The Metro Abbesses station entrance above came to my mind: it is actually one of the only 2 original surviving Metro entrances in Paris, the other ones are replicas.
So here I am, thinking of me walking with my much cheaper chair instead of taking transportation & remembering saying goodbye to a very scared (of me) Parisian lawyer on a February Fri. night right there by Metro Abbesses.
Even though I lost 2 great chairs today & a potential fiancee , everything happens for a reason.
Still, I am mourning my chairs a bit. My emotional attachement to inanimate objects wins over many other things...

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