sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

I get obssessed too easily (but not with 1000 'cold' chairs)

Amazing (but it was to be expected, or at least I should've known better): what started out as just a thought, innocent little thought, about putting chairs at my place, is now a full-blown obssession. After my work session at the Art Institute today where I found a lot of paintings I've never seen before (no wonder: there was hardly any space at all!), I went to my favorite Gargoyle Library (aka Harold Washingon Central Library).
Picked up some fun French books & then procedeed to indulge myself in leafing through some interior design books. The one above didn't make me drool over it: I do like minimalist design but something that should be cosy & inviting par excellence, like chairs, is better not minimalist (the absolutely ugliest chairs I've seen today were made by Frank Lloyd Wright...)
Which makes you think that what might be great for a building might not necessarily make a chair look good.
Most of these 1000 chairs were totally 'cold'. I'd rather stand than sit down in any one of them.
On my way out I smiled seeing a guy's T-shirt with the following inscription on his back: "But how does it work in theory?" (he was headed to the social science floor).
And then I smiled again when I read the epigraph of the French book I checked out: "Tout est modern sauf les sentiments" ("All is modern except the feelings").

What happened next - and I have realized it just this very second while 'concocting' this story - is very emblematic.
My feelings with regard to some unmodern things that I fell in love with but that will never be mine.
Here's what happened: I felt the urge to go to see furniture at the Brown Elephant by my house (instead of buying a bottle of olive oil that I need right now I prefer to think of the future, irrationality once more!) I happily browsed, picked up a couple of fun(ky) things and then... saw a pair of absolutely gorgeous chairs that had it all - the height, the curves, the color...and the price - 26$ each. Unfortunately, it also had a tag attached: SOLD. PAID IN FULL.

Logically enough you can't get obssessed with 'cold' chairs, but warm (and sold!!!) ones have almost broken my heart today!

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