sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

It gave me wings!

I fell in love with Chicago ever since I first came here. I continued being in love all the 4 years I lived here. I took a special pleasure in saying that I really didn't like living in Washington DC, but I had to admit that only in one sense DC was better for me: its museums (and I am talking especially about the NGA, National Gallery of Art) were a lot roomier allowing for a much better 'user-experience' there than here, in Chicago.
The Art Institute always felt small & crowded by comparison & notwithstanding my love of art I've rarely gone there.
But yesterday I went to see the Matisse exhibit & was especially excited to see the new modern wing. Lots of light. Lots of space. Finally you can be one on one with the works of art.
Good. Great. One more reason to say that Chicago is my kind of town. Now more than before!
P.S. off to the Art Institute again now. Cloudy day. Perfect for being inside.

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