quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Why not?

More good news just came my way: a friend I love dearly, my twin, basically, will be in Chicago August 10-11th. Can't wait to ....catch up no, really, for it's impossible. Simply to look at him ('you look not at me, but inside me', caro Matteo!) and understand, feel, what has changed and what hasn't. And feel a bit sad because of the time that goes by and the two of you always been so far away from each other.
Anyhow, 'why not' used to be our favorite phrase, meaning 'who says you can't do that?"
So, the socks above (coming from the 1930's sock store) is something I'd put in my apartment. Do you need a logical reason to put something you find amusing on display?
Actually, I have a 'monument to 1968' planned for my bedroom wall, made of a 1968 vintage sign from Buenos Aires, a bra (symbolizing the burning of the bras) and a string of pearls, to be abolished as well... A new pearl revolution.

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