quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

Lost: Renting the Unique

Almost rented a one-bedroom in a rowhouse by Louis Sullivan. Haven't seen the apartment on the inside, but loved the house from the outside (lived next door for 4 years!)
In terms of local (and global, why not) importance, that would be like living in a Palladian Villa.
Definitely smaller spaces, no walk-in closets....
All irony aside, I felt sad the other night while walking past this house & seeing 3 college kids playing Wii. What do they care if it's a historic landmark?
Am I being snobbish & wrong or regretfully right?
P.S. in case you are wondering why I didn't get it - saw the FOR RENT sign late & it was for June 1st.
Will go with my grand and vintage choice. No big name, but a big walk-in closet. Does that make less of an art-lover and more of a comfort-seeker from me?

See more of Sullivan Buildings here -

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