quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010


Yesterday was my first day at work but I am already worried about how long will I keep (what's left of) my silhouette.
Lunch bag de rigueur starting today.
Watch what you eat. Better still, watch what others eat, think about it, analyze it. Work yourself to...death - no, but a happy state when you are busy (happily busy) and simply forget to eat.
Incredible but true: in less than a week leading to my starting day I was busy planning things, not even that much running around, that I have indeed lost weight. No change in diet, just thinking less about the act of eating.
Makes me remember my exchanges with my great-grandmother, a wonderful cook & an otherwise wise woman. Sometimes I'd look at the delicious meal she prepared and ask her before attacking it: "Would I get fat if I eat that?", to which she'd always say: "You'd get fat from anything, as long as you eat it with lots of gusto".
Kind of a strange answer, considering that she loved to cook and wanted us to eat... but I have found it to be true: I am of the sort that, when stressed or too busy, can eat a lot and still loose weight.
Busy is better than stressed. Let's keep that in mind (but without concentrating too much on that, for when you want something, you have difficulty getting it!)

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