sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

Sitting pretty ...pensively

Knowing thyself also means that you know how you like to work at home, or read, or simply think (by that I mean: in what position, sitting or lying on what, etc.) Sitting down at a table feels too much like work, or simply too uncomfortable. Chairs are my favorites for that. But not any kind of chair, of course.
The very first things I would need for my apartment (en passant: of course I applied for the Ms.Vanderbilt-style apartment, what do you expect?) are bookshelves to cover an entire wall, sofa bed & sleeper chairs to accomodate my friends. And a full-length mirror.
All the rest could wait, or so I thought. Last week I saw a pair of really funky chairs at the Antique Mall. Tempting but I wasn't entirely convinced. But that got me thinking about what kind of chair I'd like to have. First consideration: I'd like to have an assorted collection of chairs, metallic stools, etc. But one has to be totally comfortable. I have a vague memory of an old, worn-out leather chair we had in our dacha. But I can't quite find the same shape: something that is so inviting that even if you are full of energy you want to sit down with a book for sometime...
"Know thyself", we said. So I set out to do some research in order to understand where my tastes in terms of armchairs lie.
See the results above: what they have in common are the curves. The top armchair I actually bid on. Its irregularity is seductive.
We salute the irrational, as usual!

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