terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010

Let's get physical!

Thank you, whoever just outbid me on eBay (I was hoping to get a curvy shaby chic hmmm, not sure i like this expression too much...vintage French chair, its photo is in one of the previous posts here). Number one, I am saving money (not much satisfaction for me here, plus I am sure to spend it on something else!). And number too, not finding weird shapes in stores, I will be creating them myself (satisfaction guaranteed!).
I was reminded of wrapped furniture recently when I saw a photo of a dinner table wrapped in fabric. I think I will start doing it with silks. Can't get more 'shabby chic' than that!

As for eBay buying, what I really want is not online bidding, but getting dirty. Wish I had a car & time to go to Estate Sales in Chicago - treasure trove, live... The physicality of discovery makes the game really worth playing!

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