quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

2+3=5, but 3+2=something completely different. A la recherche du... right parts of the equation

Going in circles. Getting circles (grey, just like the grey in the photo above) under my eyes. Sleeping badly. Loosing appetite. But still having fun & still excitedly talking about how when you move one little thing a bit to the left the way the right side looks changes totally.
Had to take a lot of this kind of decisions for the past few days. I also worked on some 'mix n' match' pieces - bijoux that puts side to side paintings by completely different artists but that somehow are either stylistically similar or look like they might establish some interesting 'dialogue'.
The above example (with the usual color-obssessive, de rigeur, variations on the theme) was one of the earliest attempts of this kind and I am showing it now because I feel like throwing myself on the grass or bed next to Degas & Matisse figures (respectively) & finally getting some sleep!!!
Funnily though I can't really complain about the lack of sleep: what bothers me today is that 'life got in the way' and I didn't work at all....
And that puts me in a worse mood....
But tomorrow is another day!

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