segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

Sky's the limit, yes, but then it hurts to fall from up there. Or not?

I am extreme: things & people are either hot or cold to me, but hardly ever tepid. In the same way, I either get enthusiastic about situations, projects & new faces within the first 10 seconds, or it is unlikely to happen. Ever.
You might logically think then that if I set my heart of something (or someone), I am very likely to work hard in order to get what/who I want (which I do) and get upset if something goes not quite the way I thought it would.
But that's the thing: I get my hopes up fast, joyfully dance my way up the 'stairway to heaven', but then if I fall, I don't get hurt.
It is some kind of wonderful flexibility, 'psychological protection "cushion"' that saves me from bruises. It seems like I don't even get a minor scratch....
Maybe it's the result of a disillusionment I was born with - some don't have a single lazy bone in their bodies, me - I don't have an optimistic gene. Instead, I am a realist (not a pessimist, please, for I am also the 'bottle half-full' kind of girl!)
All this shrink DIY session to say that: at the end of the last year, in early December, and for the first time in my life, I suddenly got the feeling that some big change awaited me in the year 2010. I didn't know what it was. But it felt... almost mysterious.
Then... now...I think I know what it is.
It remains to be seen how will the story end, or rather, how it will begin.
The beginning of a beautiful friendship we already have.
The best is yet to come.
But if the worst will happen, and I will fall... I will land on my feet!
And the best thing is that I am working double hard right now - trying to create as many lovely pieces as I can taking advantage of my 'special' mood! So this way something good, excellent, will come out of this - true or imagined - change!

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