terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

What really matters....

To make money isn't at the Top 5 of my New Year Resolutions' list, let alone to expect it falling from the skies. But to work my way, steadily but surely, towards what makes me happy (by the way - do these children busily harvesting money strike you as happy???) is definitely my priority number 1.
And this time around I am serious. I want to make it work like I never did want anything else to work before (nor hopefully I would after, for if it works out, then, logically, this would be it...).
So the year 2010 is off to a good red-eye start: can't sleep, can & want to work.
Having more ups than downs. Cold-bloodedly, rationally working my way towards exhibiting my St.Valentine's collection in London.

To be continued!

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